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Enrolment and digital identity management platform

digital identity management platform

Why opt for secure digital identity management?

Faced with the challenges of a world where digital technology is increasingly important and the supremacy of GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) on the web is beginning to concern states, establishing secure digital identities is now a major social issue. These digital identities will enable governments, public services, private companies and regulated activities (banks, fintech, online games etc.) to control the risks of fraud and comply with increasingly strict regulations while remaining accessible to as many users as possible.

Faced with all these developments, remote identity checking has become a crucial stage in addressing the risks of online fraud. Our cloud based digital identity management platform offers a concrete response to these challenges in France and throughout Europe.


A digital identity solution that complies with the EU’s eIDAS regulation is an enrolment, identification and digital identity management platform based on robust components that can be integrated into your processes and customised to suit your business environment.

mobile id


It promises to deliver digital identities guaranteed to a substantial or high level in the terms of the eIDAS regulation, corresponding to the highest levels in the European Union.



Creating a digital identity

Instant and secure

Identification and authentication

To a third-party service provider

Administration and management

Of the identity life cycle

Discover, an innovative platform

ARIADNEXT's teams are working to deliver digital identities meeting the
requirements of the eIDAS regulation.

Ariadnext Securisation De Documents Rvb Rose SECURITY / COMPLIANCE

Simple, secure authentication based on the use of mobile devices

eIDAS compliance (EU regulation)

GDPR compliance: a system that requires your users’ consent to access their personal data to fight identity theft effectively

Ariadnext Rapidite D Integration Rvb Rose IMMEDIACY

From creation to identification, we offer an instantaneous service. A digital identity in seconds based on our identity verification services.

Ariadnext Selfie Rvb Rose CUSTOMISATION

A custom-built platform to suit your needs, corresponding to your uses and complying with national and European requirements and regulations.

The Mobile Connect & Moi digital identity solution

In 2017, ARIADNEXT launched a digital identity solution in France based on the digital identity platform.
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Mobile Connect & Moi was originally a joint initiative by ARIADNEXT and Orange emerging from the MOBIDEM research programme. The identity scheme used draws on the basic components of

  • An application for enrolling users;
  • The identity verification services;
  • An identity service provider and an identity life cycle manager;
  • A simple, secure, two-factor authentication process

Mobile Connect & Moi is currently being evaluated by France’s National IT Security Agency (ANSSI) and aims to provide a substantial assurance level in the terms of the eIDAS regulation.

Mobileid Rvb, the secure digital identity solution