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Digital identity in your activity

Complying with the strictest regulations and offering a high-quality customer experience

European directives such as AML4, PSD2 and KYC (Know Your Customer) amplify the diligence measures required to fight fraud and prevent money laundering and finance for terrorism. The regulations mean all players have to tighten their customer identification procedures, both in branches and online. allows electronic identities to be deployed quickly and cheaply in order to offer citizens the equivalent of their identity document on the internet.

Already operational in France via Mobile Connect & Moi, the platform is designed to provide digital identities with a substantial level of assurance. provides concrete, high-performance responses to your problems

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Fighting fraud

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Protecting personal

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Verified identity

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European compliance in your business sectors

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The emergence of new technologies has had a profound effect on client relationships between states and their citizens. Governments are inviting authorities to move towards paperless operations, artificial intelligence and biometric identities.

Government institutions are increasingly encouraging citizens to carry out administrative formalities online (Ameli, Caf, central taxation etc.). Today, to connect to public services via your personal space, you need multiple identifiers and passwords that are easy to intercept, making the user experience more complex.

Citizens, increasingly connected, expect governments’ online services to evolve towards ever-greater accessibility and availability, with simpler, secure access and procedures.

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Our digital identity management and creation platform,, responds to the problems encountered by service providers and the needs of citizens.

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Banks and financial institutions

Driven by the growth of the internet, technology and new consumer behaviors, a wave of transformation has been passing through the banking and finance sector in recent years. New players specialising in online payment have appeared on the market, threatening the balance of bank branches.
To respond to this shift, banks and financial institutions have moved their services towards digital, meeting certain needs but raising the question of security.

The goal is to pursue the digitalisation of processes while securing consumers’ identities and information (personal data) to avoid any risk of document fraud and/or identity theft leading to money laundering.

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Offering a verified, compliant digital identity solution, helps you rise to the major challenges of the banking sector: process automation and security, respect for French banking regulations, customer experience, fighting fraud and other crimes.

Mobile Connect & Moi, the FranceConnect identity provider

FranceConnect already covered a large proportion of the population, mostly through tax and Ameli accounts (24 million digital identities each). With the arrival of the new identity provider Mobile Connect & Moi in November 2017, the system is even more universal. 

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Arising from ARIADNEXT’s work within the Mobidem project and Orange’s deployment of Mobile Connect, the identity provider will enable any user with a smartphone and a mobile plan to create and use an identity within FranceConnect, opening the system to new users.
The identity provider incorporates two particularly innovative components. One, from ARIADNEXT, draws on document and facial recognition to enrol the user’s identity. The other is based on Mobile Connect, a GSMA standard implemented by the operator Orange through its subsidiary Orange Applications for Business, and enables users to authenticate their identity with their phones. Note that “Mobile Connect and moi” is one of the first FranceConnect identity providers in the process of being certified to reach the substantial level.

Text drawn from a FranceConnect article, possibility of asking their approval?


How does it work?

It takes just a few minutes to download the Mobile Connect & Moi mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play and enrol. The user enters their phone number (which becomes their identifier) into the app and creates a secret code (required during authentication). The app then asks them to enter an email address and capture their identity card or passport. At the same time, it asks them to take a photo of themselves. It then carries out a series of checks.


Mobile Connect & Moi is based on two-factor authentication using a phone and a code. The system thus targets level 2 authentication, described as “substantial” in the terms of the eIDAS regulation. Strong authentication is required for sensitive procedures, such as changing bank account details.

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Mobile & Instantaneous Identity Digital solution