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What is a service provider?

A service provider is a partner who supplies services to end users. In general, service providers do not themselves authenticate users; they ask an identity provider to take authentication decisions. Service providers count on identity providers to verify users’ identities. For example, FranceConnect is a service provider that uses Mobile Connect & Moi to authenticate its users.

What is an identity provider?

An identity provider is a partner who guarantees the identity of its users. The identity provider authenticates a user and transmits information enabling the user’s identity to be authenticated to the service provider.

The identity provider manages users’ identities to relieve service providers of this responsibility. For example, Mobile Connect & Moi is an identity provider developed by ARIADNEXT for FranceConnect.

What is the difference between Mobile Connect and Mobile Connect & Moi?

Mobile Connect is a free service offered by Orange to its subscribers to identify and authenticate themselves securely on compatible websites and applications.

Mobile Connect & Moi is a service offered by ARIADNEXT. Mobile Connect & Moi also offers a simple, secure way of managing your electronic identity, enabling electronic identification to a set of services offered by the FranceConnect platform, for example. The first time you use the service, you create your digital identity using your smartphone and an identity document (national identity card, passport, residence permit). The mobile app guides you through this process step by step.

Who can use

Any company or administrative authority that wants to give access to its services online to people with proven identities, automatically and securely, in France and Europe.

What is a digital identity used for?

A digital identity allows you to register your identity and identify yourself totally securely on the internet in a few seconds using a mobile phone. The initiative is a response to problems linked to identity fraud (identity theft, forged identity cards). is a mobile platform for creating and managing digital identities. It enables end users to protect their personal data and privacy when buying products, subscribing to services or creating an account.