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Digital identity in your activity

Creating a digital identity (instant and secure)

Creating a digital identity

instant and secure


Identification and authentication

to a third-party service provider


Administration and management

of the identity life cycle

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Creating a digital identity

The platform, with its app and the high-performance services, enable you to enrol users, capture documents (identity card) online by scanning or NFC reading, check the authenticity of documents, validate identity (face match and biometric recognition) and initialise a secret code for two-factor identification.


During the registration phase, the user chooses a secret code to use for authentication. They need to enter the code into a mobile device for each connection to the internet. Possessing a mobile phone and knowing the secret code constitute two-factor identification. Access to the user’s personal data is protected to preserve their privacy.

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Data protection

Ariadnext Verification De Documents D Identite Rvb Rose

Identity verification

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Autonomous solution

Mobile Connect Et Moi

Identification and authentication to a third-party service provider

The platform provides identification to a third party (websites and compatible applications) via various methods that can be obtained:

  • By interfacing with operators (who include the means of authentication on their SIM card)
  • By incorporating a soft token solution (customisable depending on the client context)

Exchanges between the identity provider’s services and third-party service providers are based on the OIDC or SAML protocols, depending on the client’s technical requirements.

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Mobile experience

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Ariadnext Verification D Identite Rvb 1

Double authentication factor

Verification Mobileid

Management and administration of the identity life cycle

The platform enables you to track identities and manage the processes associated with their life cycle, from creation to deletion, using a web back-office (HMI) allowing you to:


  • Validate and invalidate accounts (based on the information collected)
  • Check and correct identities manually
  • Visualise users’ connections
  • Obtain statistics on the use of the platform

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Data management

Ariadnext Analyse Des Pieces Rvb

Fraud detection

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Mobile & Instantaneous Identity Digital solution